Lyrics Wishbonee – A Day In Atlanta

A Day In Atlanta Lyrics – Wishbonee

Singer: Wishbonee
Title: A Day In Atlanta

Smokin in abandoned house with scrub n#gg#s, made me think about what life was like to be a drug dealer, so i called up my plug asked fo’ a dub, told my homies i was goin to work i gotta run, little did they know i was contemplating a murder, my fingers itchin to get it while hopin this sh#t is worth it, pops workin a double – tamika ain’t even trippin, and tj fightin off cancer can’t even dance with da b#tches, but back to da subject that’s in discussion, while loadin a 22 i was bothered w interruptions, my homie (bleep bleep) that i told i had went to work, he could see inside of my eyes plus i didn’t have on the shirt, little did i know that demetrius was his cousin, that owed em a couple dollas he spake on durin the summa, he gripped his high point and i thought he wanted to up it, cuz blood is thicker than water “not thicker repercussions, a n#gg# owe u somethin u better unload the oven & plus you know you my n#gg# i’m tryna increase the budget, the thinnest line between love & hate is full of mistakes, you can try to outrun the karma but caramel sits on the cake” and as he kept on rambling squeezing inside the gates, was demetrius with his cd in peekin pumpin the brakes, i tried to tell him chill but the terror spread thru the veil, by the time he had second guessed it my homie perceived his pill, pistol whipped him silly no need to sling off a bullet, then stripped em naked like this a vacation inside of crooked, island, although his eyelids was bleeding he didn’t whimper, accepting his own defeat while his cousin “aye here my n#gg#, you better pray to god this don’t happen not once again, i ain’t spoke to u in forever u ghosted me for a ten?!, i’m glad i ran into you tell aunty i’m there for dinner” next day he got killed in daylight right up at the misses winters, but
This is a day inside of atlanta

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