Lyrics Fauves, The – Shouldn’t Have Read Your Diary

Shouldn’t Have Read Your Diary Lyrics – Fauves, The

Singer: Fauves, The
Title: Shouldn’t Have Read Your Diary

We found a diary in this loaned van, and we had absolutely no compuncture whatsoever in immediately opening it up and reading great lengths of pages, taking turns to recite passages in ever-more-effective tones of mock-English sensitivity. Outside the boring W.A. countryside passed by, never-changing, its monotony relieved only by our unrestrained mirth as we fell upon new entries of grey melancholy and lovelorn angst. It was the drummer from Speedstar’s. I’ve forgotten the dude’s name – Peter, Paul, maybe Mary? I dunno. They were touring with Motor Ace. Hey Motor Ace, here’s something for ya: Speedstar don’t like you
Yeah, yeah

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