Lyrics Royce Da 59 – Boblo Boat

Boblo Boat Lyrics – Royce Da 59

Singer: Royce Da 59
Title: Boblo Boat

Cruising down the river. Dancing ’til your feet got numb. Cool, summer breezes blowing through your hair, as you stood gazing down the river in anticipation of the thrill of the dizzying rides at the amus#ment park. Ah, memories of Boblo Island
Oh, is your world ain’t nothing but a squirrel tryna get a nut. Just jealous of everybody that’s headed out on that Boblo boat. It is the perfect weather and the perfect time to enjoy a few snacks. Oh, man. I wish I was joining you. A little cheese and crackers. A little get out wine. A little rear medium lights. Some Harvey Rizla green. But let’s do this. Only on Smooth FM

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