Lyrics RottenMynded – Invisible Til Now

Invisible Til Now Lyrics – RottenMynded

Singer: RottenMynded
Title: Invisible Til Now

If you’re hearing this, then it’s probably too late- i’ll be long gone and you’ll see- a couple people posting everything about me/some similar photos with wings, r.i.p…some captions saying how they “wish they had known”, and how they “wished they would’ve texted more”/realizing that they never showed the best support- possible, had been ungrateful, i been unstable…my cell phone rings only when the bill collectors call, nobody thought “today hector’s off?”/shit’s sad when you give evеrybody all the heart that you have, but nobody еven checks your pulse
Now you’re reading the- heartfelt messages i would send to y’all, tears falling, i watch them dripping/you’re lighting those candles, hitting up fam’s who’s asking “what happened to this smiling victim?”…like “no, this can’t be! not my baby! my cousin?! my brother?! my friend i been missing?!- i’m just thinking- how could you be sad i died, when you wasn’t showing love while i was living?… now look at you, breaking down- cuz it’s too f#cking late- it’s too late now…i bet you feel “great” now, don’t ya?- how?- you couldn’t see through 1 fake smile?, really?!…to make things worse, i wish i could say it was quick, but it was slower than birth/but instead of new life being brought into earth, it was years of neglect and hurt…all the stress from work…all the years of failing at every endeavor, i was supposed to be the one to break this hectic curse/was supposed to be the one to get my family out of the jex, but i’m less than worth it…lesson’s learned… now there’s so many people at my wake, that we need to get an extra church/yeah, yeah, you’re all sad, but i felt much worse, and you couldn’t even text me first?…ooooh! i hope the guilt eats you alive- i hope you have trouble sleeping at night/hope you feel what i feel, cuz i wrote this with tears in my eyes- cuz you don’t know how much it killed me inside…maybe if you really listened to my songs, you would hear me speaking about the the things on my mind- all the reasons to die/or the one-sided conversation speaking to god, just me as i’d plead to the skies- with no answers…if i had heaven’s number, i’d call grandpa, tell him that i’m on my way/tell grandma i’d love it if she warmed a plate- up for me, cuz depression gave me “loss of weight”…everybody f#cking mad that i chose this fate/was alone, but you forced me to walk this way…no calls, no hangouts, no talking, no more making sure i’m safe, just ignored my face…all the love i showed wasn’t good enough for y’all to reciprocate/now i’m dead cuz i didn’t wait- you’re hurt cuz you wish i picked a different date…but it’s too late…maybe in another life you’ll get the chance to say anything that you didn’t get to say…but for now- you have to say it to my face- at this wake…cuz it’s too late

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