Lyrics Rich Flow – Black Man In America

Black Man In America Lyrics – Rich Flow

Singer: Rich Flow
Title: Black Man In America

Verse 1
More times than not, feel like i’m tied in a know, f#ck a closed mind, let me widen the plot, they fear the kid like egyptian pyramids period, headed for the mountain top with my eye on the rock, you don’t know the time no need to buy a watch we on riot watch, you gone riot or watch? i’m doubting ya weight you looking outta shape, rather live within my circle before i die on your block, now who supplying the cops with all this information? folk can barely breathe gimme ventilation, all we need is some peace upon our generation, fear no evil f#ck police this how the system made us, all my people see no evil see no limitation, even when the government be tryna penetrate us, they call us imitators but we innovators, have you read the f#cking newspaper, we been in the latest, another black man shot down on the block! ask me man it sound like a cop! ran up on a n#gg# put his hands up on a n#gg# so i bought a 4pound with a flock (yaaattttt). bought a gun and i bought a book, read a verse said a prayer that was all it took, i fill my swisher with killa fill my liver with liquor, no need to trip on a n#gg# my fingertip on the trigger

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