Lyrics Propaganda – 2:30

2:30 Lyrics – Propaganda

Singer: Propaganda
Title: 2:30

In 2017, two minutes and 30 seconds, we were on Pangea one land, one nation, one planet. I, and my ancestors were the same age, two minutes. Seconds. We saw how small we are. We saw how privileged we are to see how small we are. We saw black was beautiful. And if you just let black be black and it blocks out the light, the light rebuilds, the brilliance, it didn’t even know it
You know, we should trust black more mixed mеtaphors could speak volumes. Planet knеw we needed it. We were two days away from n#z#s marching on American soil spitting the most viral irony on the american myths, the greatest generation rhetoric. We were three days away from cars, driving into peace, white lives matter, blood and soil appropriated, Polynesian, mosquito repellents turned white hoods, Tiki torches, turnt burnt crosses frat boy uniforms in all khaki, which were kind of funny though

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