Lyrics Loah Semi – Wins 3

Wins 3 Lyrics – Loah Semi

Singer: Loah Semi
Title: Wins 3

I guess that they left me for dead but i just rose up like the dead he thinking that he dun ran off i just put what he owe me on his head you only as big as your plug so i guess i know harvey hubble i told you this sh#t was written n stone so just let me rock like barney rubble y’all dudes in trouble no you ain’t my girl so i can not cuff you i don’t even love you i’m mad at my d*** i shouldn’t of f***** u now i got the glory these b***** be trying to put me on they stories they use to ignore me now i’m like a nеwborn they adore me rhеtorical questions we still do not answer told u on wins 1 it’s funny when you start to get to the money and make a c#m up here the friends come that sh#t get enticing but me i’m a titan i ball vince young i feel like m.bison watch me turn to a street fighter get ya head stomped yall dudes don’t keep it a buck stop telling on who you smoking ain’t riding waves i’m the ocean i’ll box a n**** like stouffer’s i’ll laced the weed i sold you then chill with you why you roll it just know if i’m down on you wit a k we gon lay in your grass like a locust wins 3 cmn sh#t
All i do is win,win,win,win,win

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