Lyrics John Wesley Harding – The Red Rose and the Briar

The Red Rose and the Briar Lyrics – John Wesley Harding

Singer: John Wesley Harding
Title: The Red Rose and the Briar

So we played in ben lomond last night. it’s uh, basically there’d been an armed robbery there that day. and when we arrived there were like, no people and thirty-five police cars all swarming around. and uh, my friend jim suggested that it had been one of the largest bill thefts in the history of northern california. and nobody, there wouldn’t be any excellent bear statues for a long while. but in fact it turned out it was an armed robbery and when we got out of the gig they’d found the guy. they were swarming around his house.
Um, in the meanwhile what had happened was we’d arrived at the gig, and i had gotten out my little, you know, my little yuppie cell phone. and uh, ellis paul had gotten out his little yuppie cell phone. and there was another guy there. and there were a lot of bikers in the bar where we were gonna play. they weren’t likely to spend eleven dollars on the ticket, i felt at a later date. so i felt we were quite safe until one of the women who was in a—unbelievably, there are gigs in america where they serve alcohol, and this was one of them. this isn’t one of them. i mean there are—i don’t know if you know, but you know, and uh—i just thought i’d mention it. and one of the women had been partaking, and she shouted at me at the top of her voice, “look at those pansies with their cell phones!”

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