Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead – Wolf Piss

Wolf Piss Lyrics – Aesop Rock & Blockhead

Singer: Aesop Rock & Blockhead
Title: Wolf Piss

Spin doc, sweet dreams go Hitchcock, discord with no sick days, limbs draped in all rip stop, faded ink on my rib cage, my glass heart, my sh#t brains, my jaguars around beautiful New York strip steak ,Ain’t sh#t change, Doodle over these blueprints, I been shoo-shooed, I been boo hissed, chewed up, he’s too much, I ain’t too much, y’all too prim, world’s end around curfew, when they rotate grotesque forms, sneak up in some mech suit, make off with they best horse, roads paved with pulled pins, hood sprayed with wolf piss, engineer of this tire fire, come pull up on that bull sh#t, I might peace out of my deep freeze and turn pale death in like two shakes, swoop in and get touchéd, tune in to my blue phase, October, I’m in Bloom when that cold snap and that wind croon, trail mix in my road pack, and no roads back to this igloo, stick and move around dead light, he ain’t talk much, step aside for my left right, I’m like on one, nevermind when these dogs mush
Days seem normal but the nights get pretty weird, trip the wrong light, y’all might get disappeared, I’m in here

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Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead – Flamingo Pink

Flamingo Pink Lyrics – Aesop Rock & Blockhead

Singer: Aesop Rock & Blockhead
Title: Flamingo Pink

The rope goes over the wall, for the controller born to hold a stethoscope to a vault, wooly willy, peel off in a barrel over the falls, and down river by the time they radio for the dogs, I crossed-heart, can’t tell a bad day from a death wish, detour through the graveyard with a chef’s kiss, they don’t make a pill for that, it’s too advanced, all you can do is lick your wounds, and whistle past the boogie mans, wicked forces in the wings descending on the simple things, like taffy at the boardwalk under ribbons of flamingo pink, which mutates into overcrowded plinko on a laser grid, havens turn dangerous, friendly faces, traitorous, ey, I’m never late, I’m never early, ever right when I’m meant to, to counteract the evil that men do, I’m a motherf#cking gem in the refuse, even when the world’s ending, what the F is your excuse? Don’t get brave around the cave mouth, get chased, ain’t no lollipop on the way out, I’m way out, the way of the walk is a different discipline, it’s difficult, 10,000 hours get you to guinea pig, dirtbag daddy snatch a lackey off a chessboard, hack up any edge lord, plastic wrap death’s door, 10-4, half-wit, I ain’t your good buddy, I can however be bought with a blue slushie
Good god damn, good god damn, every idol I every met is a con man, good god, good god, good god damn, gotta hopscotch hot pan to hot pan

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Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead – The Sea

The Sea Lyrics – Aesop Rock & Blockhead

Singer: Aesop Rock & Blockhead
Title: The Sea

My new fall coat got strange powers, when I’m with it I know I am not the same without it, I like to zip it all the way up til I’m only eyes, I wear it when I’m dipping in and out the flow of time
My swerve circle toughies, I learn em, and return to “good for abso-smurfly nothing”, we buddies when ya need a beaver hat to birth a bunny, any other day it’s heed the curse and don’t disturb the mummy, disturb the mummy, Ive heard it turn your monday into bright lights hovering over crop circle country,, slow clap when your cold facts capsize, soul clap through your last rites, chew gum from “we’re losing him” to flatline, and that’s life, not to be a dagger through your bagpipes, strike another match with no sensation in my feelers, this is too much information, breaking plates and taking t-birds, away, He flees Rome between seizures, still talking grease, launching tees into bleachers, take him to your leader’s leader’s leader, even the redeemer like “I need to speak to senior”, ey!

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Lyrics Aesop Rock & Blockhead – Fizz

Fizz Lyrics – Aesop Rock & Blockhead

Singer: Aesop Rock & Blockhead
Title: Fizz

Through the valley with a howl and a hiss, every step is like a house on a witch, any Judas into sappin’ how I’m zappin’ get the trowel and brick, I’m all thought-crime, cowlick and fizz, you could pull up to whatever close encounter you want, catch him with a dozen flowers or an owl and wand, pick a path, firebrand, miss him with the hooey, beleaguer a baddie and add em to ratatouille, ooey, I still chief L’s on a rooftop, you still need help with your juice box, I’m trouble, you troubleshoot a lot, cue his blue blockers maneuvering through the future shock, where fam from a different phase of the crawl, get to step up and fail to communicate through a wall, maybe it’s less about escape and more a favor to y’all, after waking up with geometry engraved in his palm, either way
We are not the same, heaven is a lie, I think you a lame, lemme get a fry

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