Lyrics Shyron – Issa vibe

Issa vibe Lyrics – Shyron

Singer: Shyron
Title: Issa vibe

{Verse #1}
I-I imma make it rain, it’s raining, it’s pouring. It’s a party at my crib we can have a housewarming. J-J-Just stay on your sh#t don’t slip, don’t lack. When you hear this at the function, tell the DJ play get back. I-I-I’m a humble beast I mean that as CosaNostra. I-I stay on my grind like a young n#gg# supposed to. Insecurities can’t stop us naw you ain’t gotta be scared. You can stay right here with me Ma’ you ain’t gotta go nowhere. Like I was up math geek, I be on my dividends. You would think I was Jackie Chan how I be kicking shit. And Shawty I just wanna put a smile up on your face. Girl I know you need some love I know you had a long day. I’m the player she the game either way baby wе even. Lil mama she dopе like she fresh up out the beaker. She like it rough I slam her like we up in a arena. You would think I’m abusive because of the way I beat her. Uhhh!

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