Lyrics Nakara Forje – #couldbeus

#couldbeus Lyrics – Nakara Forje

Singer: Nakara Forje
Title: #couldbeus

This could be us but you come with mad luggage, and my first mind telling me to pack light/but the things that you do got me toting your bags, make a bad girl wanna get some act right/no flex i be looking for ya texts with a smile on my face, hear ya voice as i read ’em/got me feeling like jhene, joint on replay, only difference is i want and i need him/trying to be his peace and quiet when the loud don’t help to mute out all the madness and b#llsh#t/i can be your ride or die, deuce fivе in the clutch, when you empty got your back with thе full clip/don’t slip catch you if you’ll catch me, nasty suck you if you’ll eat me/feed you like mind body spirit, scold you in a way that you’ll hear it/hold you when the world rejects you, god’s gift like a sneeze i’ll bless you/don’t sleep if you snooze guaranteed to lose, i just wanna see you win/perfect for each other, you the paper i’m the pen/never leave ya star player sitting on the bench, never leave a real one on the sidelines/i ain’t picking up if you ain’t on my hotline, i’m just waiting for the day that it’s all mine/i ain’t pressed this a sketch of my mind’s eye, visionary wanting you to see what i see/your future’s brighter if you plan on spending it with me, you don’t get the magnitude of all that we can be/tell me you ain’t with the games, but you steady playing/i’m just waiting on your actions to match what you saying/i feel like it’s meant to be, so it’s no rush, focused on the bigger pic, this could be us
This could be real, this could be life (life)

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Lyrics Nakara Forje – #deepend

#deepend Lyrics – Nakara Forje

Singer: Nakara Forje
Title: #deepend

Never pictured drowning in your love, lounging in your love/no make-up and weave out, miss you when you leave out/f#ck you when you return, suck you til’ my knees burn/chemistry like no perm, natural/naturally, i had to be the boss of sh#t, capricorn/casually you let responsibility fall all on me/wanted you to lead, needed you to be hnic/walk it like you talk it, make me want to act submissively/man this water deep, i ain’t feeling it, i ain’t feeling safe/you watching me fall, you letting us sink deeper every day
You knew i couldn’t swim when you met me/ i wasn’t trynna get my hair wet, but you swеat me/swept me off my feet, told mе you got me/it was meant to be, blah blah blah/now my feet can’t reach, left me in the deep end

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