Lyrics Songer – The Sunrise Session

The Sunrise Session Lyrics – Songer

Singer: Songer
Title: The Sunrise Session

Beat 1
Yes yes, the sunrise session
I apologise for starting deep but i’m not gonna finish with it

I wish i could pretend that all my mental state is perfect, but it’s not
How can i give you everything i’ve got if i’ve been struggling myself?
Since i dropped an album, rarely struggle with my wealth
But if my bredrin’s got some bad news, i’m hugging him myself

Anxiety is rarely black and white, it’s on a scale
Sometimes i wanna help a guy, sometimes i want help
Sometimes i feel invincible, sometimes i crave health
My mood’s light and dark like there’s sh#t i wanna sell

Grab a belt, ’cause i know you and you wanna fill your jeans man, i can tell
But you can’t raise a man like i’ve been banging k michelle
But the problem is her music make me miss my baby girl, listen
Sometimes man, i just need to breathe and zone out to alicia keys

I’m influencing dreams ’cause i’m a piece of cheese
Merchandise is easy ps but money ain’t the motive if i’m seeking peace
That needs to change like selling dvds, listen
The opposite of twitter’s probably peace of mind

The way you’re acting on your own, should hope the trees are blind
And if they weren’t then i’m sure they’d give you evil eyes
Sniff cocaine off a holy book, you man should read between the lines
Living in a dream won’t make your dreams align

I’m hypocritical but still i see the signs
I dream of reaching heights where i don’t need to make my weakness hide
Too many racists in this country but my gs are mine
I promise i won’t sleep this time

Love you and your culture but never leaving mine
My family and arms up in my sleeves are white
Your skin don’t get received like mine
Know black men, they got the sweetest minds

Because of cunts, they’re struggling to sleep at night
Peace just like a piece of pie but ps just fill the pockets of the greedy swines
Who benefit from cultures tryna feel divine
Whites don’t really need to try

My success ain’t measured off my gene design
Feel alive, just making sure my gs are fine
I ened a rhyme, this scheme is fire, a
Min and a half, i need to breathe sometime

So did george and now he can’t, police just {?} knee to spine
No backbone so they need a spine to neck, he choked to death
Despite the easy signs, and now his family will grieve for life
See young and white, shout “f#ck the feds” but don’t believe the line

It’s different when your race ain’t really in the line of fire
This signifies the differences between the lives
Of every different culture in this country that we sleep at night, yeah
I’ve done stupid sh#t before, but all my thoughts are pure and i’m not insecure about it

I’ve done plenty sh#t before i even thought about it
Now i have won’t be the guy to walk around it
Use your voice and talk about it, second verse is where it got personal
Work in black surroundings, guess i’m nocturnal

Can’t be white and not verbal
You see two turtles, one is on its back
Say hello before you flip the other, you’re focused on the wrong turtle
Black lives matter with no role reversal

Need real action not no pepsi coke commercial
Smoking herbal till i’m staring at my open journal
Tryna set my goals up like i roll with ozil
Wanna change the world but it’s too old for churchill

I swear my bars all carry weight, my train of thoughts will leave my shoulders purple
This is real life, i promise there ain’t no rehearsal
I’m just tryna show some solidarity
Police can pepper spray but it’s still them without the clarity, listen

Ever since i was a kid, i knew i had to be different
I’ve got more than summer parties, i’ve got glastonbury visions
And my people ain’t musicians but they’re valerie singers
And my people ain’t musicians but they’re valerie singers

Ever since i was a kid, i knew i had to be different
I’ve got more than summer parties, i’ve got glastonbury visions
And my people ain’t musicians but they’re valerie singers, yo
Too much time to think about things and not enough escape routes

And that ain’t easy for a brain like mine
’cause mine’s attracted to the pain sometimes
And alie boris, i ain’t really tryna let this fly
I’m addicted to my phone and it’s depressing me

That’s in a physical sense, it’s got me physically tense
And all my stress levels just live in my chest
And it’s f#cking up my sleep until i give it a rest, listen
They’ll tell me i’m the realest, but they’re bluffing

Asking me what’s good and all i wanna say is nothing
My heart is aching, i just wanna say i love him
And if time’s supposed to heal then why’s that watch look like you stunting?
All this looking at myself has got me bugging

I really need to go and tell my father that i love him
My guy just lost his and me and him are strong kids
And it smashed my heart to pieces just to hug him
To him i say i’m proud of you, and you inspire me

’cause littlest of things, they seem to tire me
When i think of that it makes me think somebody’s guiding me
See i know it’s just a phase, but this phase has got me f#cked up
So don’t tell me that it’s all in my head

Because it’s not, i feel it all round my body, i can’t stop it
Never judge a person ’cause they’re lying in bed, listen
Beat 2
Yes yes, the sunrise project, out now, my third little child

Dream workz, out now, lyrics for sanity, out now
The sunrise project, out now, yeah
Let’s switch this up a little bit

Talking ’bout the hardest in the country then i’m involved
Your mrs stole my hoodie, she can keep it, man, i’ve been cold
She caught the suns and it don’t darken up her skin tone
My phone calls are rose gold, i promise that’s her ring tone

If you love me, tap my name on either hip bone
My doorbell’s got a camera, i get baited when i bring home
Women tend to open up for numbers like my pin code
My saving money’s comfy but i’m stressing ’til it’s tenfold

You can never trust a kid saying that this isn’t hard
Lyrics ’bout my girl’s t#ts, guess we both got nipple bars
f#ck you if you didn’t laugh, party’s dead, i’m dipping yard
No wonder you won’t learn your lesson, hear that we’re in different class

Memories of year 11, swapping baggies under tables
Rappers chart with f#cking sh#t songs, bless, big up your labels
Beyoncé wrote about my mother ’cause my mum’s an angel
If i said i’m top 5 then that’s an understatement

Music’s been sh#t for 2 years, there’s nothing good out
Labels full of formulas for each has meant i’ve stood out
My playlist’s f#cking struggling, nothing that people put out
Has even touched the sides, it’s only classics at the cookout

I’ll never drop a tape that’s not a classic ’cause my dream works
I’m so f#cking cold, nipples poking through her t shirt
Made my girl smile ear to ear until her cheek hurts
When we’d go to speak about our problems we’d just beat first

I’m summertime sweet, i’m wintertime cold
I got my hood up, happy ’cause i stood up
Haters call me soft but all those haters get my wood up
I just stargaze in the mirror, can’t look up

Eyes red, i’ve just cook up
What a time to be alive, i feel free
Does it matter if you do? i feel me
Real certified g

Nobody to impress i see through it
I ain’t tryna live for stress, i been through it
I’m going for a ruby with the boys, my eyes red, stoned
Tryna take my mind off the pressures, only my bed knows

No headphones on the train, i’ll struggle where my head goes
But if i open up, my head’s gone, i’m coke mentos, as i
Proved last track, there’s no dead flows, sometimes best slow like
Me and my ex missionary sex goals, i’m

Still loved whenever my head’s low
I’ll never lose my stripes to feel blue like shevchenko
Me, i’m more crespo, ’cause even if i switch, i’m still bless bro
People buy my sh#t, i gas ’em up, express, tesco, i

Stress death bro, but move it on swift, like
Scooter brawn did i’ve managed — from the get go
Kids are growing up and never taking opportunities
Just so they can say they never had those opportunities, yeah

f#ck’s sake, the world’s confusing me
The next tape is gonna sum that up beautifully
Yeah, different
Big up [email protected] every single time, man

Beat 3: when it rains it pours – 50 cent
Yes yes, bringing out the bars for this one
The sunrise project is out now
Thank you to everybody that’s ever listened to my music, i love you

Brain so cold, make my shoulders freeze
I stay ice cold, that’s why i went to uni twice but i got no degrees
Chloe and charlotte think i love them, but i told them “please

Clearly haven’t seen my stats darling, i’m overseas”
My life sentence is maybe why i don’t release
You can ride the wave but do you own the seas?
Nobodies will tell you how to live because they “own the streets”

How you own the street but you don’t own your house buddy? you don’t own your keys
That’s kinda tekky, i’m lamela, got rabona steeze
Or i’m mouldy cheese, blue colours in my shoulder sleeves
She coil away she big prrr when she hold the d

But she so wet, her purr pull, like an aubergine
Bad vibes coming from some people in my older team
So i turned to wizard when i left, i don’t know hakim
In terms of music, i don’t know the scene

But the coldest g your older’s older’s older’s older’s seen
More than just emoji ps, tryna see o2, like a sodastream
That’s my coca cola dream, make it there, hopefully
I’m {?} on chris brown, i swear that’s where i’m ‘posed to be

Feeling like i’m grealish, passing rappers with a shoulder lean
When it rains it pours (when it rains it pours, yeah, keep that rolling, keep that rolling)
When it rains it pours (keep that rolling)
Just because

When it rains it pours (let’s see if we can do this second one)
When it rains it pours (the sunrise project is out now, let’s get this)
’cause when it rains it pours (big up [email protected] man, big up all of my people, i love you)
For money and hoes (yeah, listen)

When it rains it pours
I’m quite clean, nothing like a kid’s chin with ice cream
I turn heads pulling out my cards, i’m guessing mike dean
I’ma make a really sus joke, but not in white jeans

Rappers either jealous of my lyrics or my rhyme schemes
If i score a banger i get lucky when i’m getting yard
’cause she takes her top of when i score, give her yellow card
I’ve got hella bars, never went to seminars

But racking up my debt, it’s like an addict stole my credit card
Wanna buy a plane and never think about the world much
So we can kick it up in the air, how’s your first touch?
I roll mary like my girl dutch

So my sweatshirt’s got her name on it like elle’s does
The wires in my brain are getting massively messy
Swear the wires in my brain are like the back of the telly
But it’s nothing but a g thing, machiavelli

She’s wearing nothing but a g string, tagliatelli, yeah
When it rains it pours (every style of beat man, i told you, the sunrise project is out now)
When it rains it pours (i dunno if i’ve said that yet, i love you)
Just because (let’s go)

When it rains it pours
Beat 4
Yes yes, yeah, bless, yeah that’s bless
Bless, yo, yeah bless, yo

Bless, yeah, bless
Don’t like man, say it with chest
Even in days as bad as it was, as good as it gets, last year was a test
Man, our age shouldn’t be this stress, so it don’t make sense

I guess our sanity’s their expense
Come into my room, i’m smelling of weed or smelling of sex
There’s a reason you’ll see me with beautiful women
If you’re taking the piss, i’ll piss in the pool that you swim in

Never been told that “i thought you was different” ’cause
Thought implies that they don’t anymore
I’ve broken hearts and i’ve broken the law
Like the cold that you caught, my smile’s contagious

A thousand pages full of emotional thought
No stigma attached when i say i get nervous, yeah
I worry irrationally like it was all that i knew, yeah
I’m begging my bredrin to openly talk ’cause david luiz, man i thought he was blue

Wish he didn’t struggle to sleep but unfortunately do
I blink and it’s water
Everybody wanna act, everybody’s all friends
Everybody loves lights, everybody loves flex

Everybody loves girls, everybody loves sex
Everybody loves giggs, everybody loves ghetts
Everybody loves sleep, everybody loves bets
Everybody loves food, everbody loves cheques

Everyone act like everyone’s blessed
I’m not so nothing makes sense
I tell my friends don’t bottle it up, while i’m sat there bottling up sh#t
Hit 5 milly but it wasn’t enough, to feel blessed i just need someone to numb this

Someone to f#ck with, doesn’t love me and i was never in love with
My {?} trust is melanie, tough sh#t
It’s no trend, it’s something i’m stuck with
Just wish i was above this, my one wish

Just switch all of the dumb sh#t to fun sh#t
’til i go and f#ck up the whole thing to just live
One b#tch, definitely toxic, i love this
Tell her i gotta deal with the actions, i just did

No action adjusted, got a girl flustered, i’m
In her stomach with crumble and custard
Leave like everything’s mustard
I hit girls from the back, that’s the best of angles

Some kids love violence, me i’m in a midlife crisis
Just spent a oner on scented candles
Got pricks on my nuts like ref said handball
Australia dogs, no sandles

Shambles, batty from different angles
I’ve been cold since no more
Everybody wanna act, everybody’s all friends
Everybody loves lights, everybody loves flex

Everybody loves girls, everybody loves sex
Everybody loves giggs, everybody loves ghetts
Everybody loves food, everybody loves cheques
Everbody loves cheques

Everybody wanna act, everybody’s all blessed
But what if i’m not so nothing makes sense
Yeah, i told you, any type of beat, that’s me man
f#cking hell, yeah

Sunrise project is out now
Beat 5: toxic – britney spears
Yes yes, let’s go
[email protected] just hit 5 milly, gotta do something special for that

You are not on the same level as i
These bars will make your adrenaline rise
And when i’m inside

I’ve got bad boys showing their feminine side
They’re jealous of my potential, to make the world shake like ketamine highs
And if man’s salty, i’ll pepper him twice
If talent comes down to melanin, why?

Am i so much harder than you
Picking up green like a gardener do
Stardawg i do, i put half of the q
In some fat off plate and start sparking a zoot

And now i’m in venting mode
I’m inventing most of the flows you know
With the clothes you own i’ve already worn
And the futures here and i’m already born

My [email protected] is attracting fans
Don’t rate good youtes acting bad
Mans got bars, so i kept them facts
So i wrapped them grands in elastic bands

You hold food like plastic bags
Because you love dizz like raskit fans
My team are ready to start, you can see me shaking the captains hand (yes yes, what we saying party, like this one?)
Mans pulling up in a blacked out audi

Acting rowdy badmen round me
There’s a party at my ex’s yard
But the slag don’t shout me
Man don’t doubt me

Man chat sh#t so i slapped him loudly
Smacked him proudly
Man’s too cold get a chapped lip round me
Man get racks in now, g

If i ask you name a youte that’s harder
Man bet a tenner that you don’t answer
Never seen that youte at the after
My mans f#cked of a zoot and lager

Can’t hack a zoot and a stella
Swing man round like a human propeller
And if his girlfriends cute, i’ll tell her

She ain’t going home with you
I spit bars i’m chosen to
Gonna make that last like frozen food
Be the best in the world, i’m hoping to

It’s overdue bare heads turn when i’m rolling through
Still cold in june
Got bare notes can’t fold in two
Don’t chat sh#t, you’re —

Why you lying for?
I stand out if i’m indoors
If you diss my marge, get flying jaws
Just wanna bring guys on tours

Man’s angry now
You’ll get dropped like hand me downs
Two years time mans in town (by the way, when i said that i mean 10 years, but f#ck it)
Mans pulling up in an all-white rari’

All night party; call my barbi’
I spit bars like dave, i kick ball like vardy
Mans cray kray, call that tom hardy
Can’t out bar me

Man get bummed, no white on khaki
Got no filter, call man marley
White and strong, call man charlie
It’s s-o-n-g-e-to-the-r

Gonna best all man
Bring heat with the bars
Girls leave mine at six in the morning
But swear down no sleep in the yard

Always rolling zoots and biftas
No guns, i use my fingers
I am outside the box
Like david luiz when he shoots from distance, bow

The sunrise session
The sunrise project is out now
Dream workz is out now
Lyrics for sanity is out now

All of my [email protected] are out now
From us to you is out now
Philip schofield is out now

The sunrise session, let’s f#cking go man, big up [email protected], my people, i love everyone
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The Sunrise Session – Terjemahan / Translation

Mengalahkan 1.
Ya ya, sesi matahari terbit
Saya minta maaf karena mulai dalam tetapi saya tidak akan selesai dengan itu

Saya berharap saya bisa berpura-pura bahwa semua kondisi mental saya sempurna, tetapi tidak
Bagaimana saya bisa memberi Anda semua yang saya dapatkan jika saya telah berjuang sendiri?
Karena saya menjatuhkan album, jarang berjuang dengan kekayaan saya
Tetapi jika Bredrin saya punya kabar buruk, saya memeluknya sendiri

Kecemasan jarang hitam dan putih, itu dalam skala
Terkadang saya ingin membantu seorang pria, kadang-kadang saya ingin bantuan
Terkadang saya merasa tak terkalahkan, kadang-kadang saya mendambakan kesehatan
Suasana hati saya terang dan gelap seperti ada omong kosong yang ingin saya jual

Ambil ikat pinggang, karena aku tahu kamu dan kamu ingin mengisi pria jeansmu, aku bisa tahu
Tetapi Anda tidak dapat membesarkan pria seperti saya telah membenturkan K Michelle
Tetapi masalahnya adalah musiknya membuatku merindukan bayi perempuanku, dengarkan
Kadang-kadang pria, saya hanya perlu bernapas dan zona keluar ke Alicia Keys

Saya Mempengaruhi Mimpi Karena Aku Sepotong Keju
Merchandise mudah ps tetapi uang bukan motif jika saya mencari kedamaian
Yang perlu berubah seperti menjual DVD, dengarkan
Kebalikan dari Twitter mungkin ketenangan pikiran

Cara Anda bertindak sendiri, harus berharap pepohonannya buta
Dan jika mereka tidak maka saya yakin mereka akan memberi Anda mata jahat
Mengendus kokain dari sebuah buku suci, pria harus membaca di antara garis
Hidup dalam mimpi tidak akan mewujudkan impian Anda

Saya munafik tetapi masih saya melihat tanda-tanda
Saya bermimpi mencapai ketinggian di mana saya tidak perlu membuat kelemahan saya bersembunyi
Terlalu banyak rasis di negara ini tetapi GS saya adalah milikku
Saya berjanji tidak akan tidur kali ini

Mencintaimu dan budayamu tetapi tidak pernah meninggalkan milikku
Keluarga dan lengan saya di lengan baju saya berwarna putih
Kulitmu tidak diterima seperti milikku
Kenal pria kulit hitam, mereka mendapat pikiran termanis

Karena cunts, mereka berjuang untuk tidur di malam hari
Damai seperti sepotong pie tetapi ps hanya mengisi kantong babi serakah
Yang mendapat manfaat dari budaya tryna merasa ilahi
Putih tidak benar-benar perlu mencoba

Kesuksesan saya tidak diukur dari desain gen saya
Merasa hidup, pastikan GS saya baik-baik saja
Saya ened sajak, skema ini adalah api, a
Min setengah, saya perlu bernafas kapan-kapan

Begitu juga George dan sekarang dia tidak bisa, polisi hanya {} lutut ke tulang belakang
Tidak ada tulang punggung sehingga mereka membutuhkan tulang belakang ke leher, dia tersedak sampai mati
Meskipun ada tanda-tanda mudah, dan sekarang keluarganya akan berduka hidup
Lihat muda dan putih, berteriak “bercinta FBI” tetapi jangan percaya garis

Ini berbeda ketika ras Anda tidak benar-benar di garis api
Ini menandakan perbedaan antara kehidupan
Dari setiap budaya yang berbeda di negara ini yang kami tidur di malam hari, ya
Saya telah melakukan omong kosong bodoh sebelumnya, tetapi semua pikiran saya murni dan saya tidak merasa tidak aman tentang hal itu

Saya telah melakukan banyak omong kosong bahkan sebelum saya memikirkannya
Sekarang saya tidak akan menjadi orang untuk berjalan di sekitarnya
Gunakan suara Anda dan bicarakan, ayat kedua adalah di mana ia menjadi pribadi
Bekerja di lingkungan hitam, tebak saya nokturnal

Tidak bisa putih dan bukan verbal
Anda melihat dua kura-kura, satu ada di punggungnya
Katakan halo sebelum Anda membalik yang lain, Anda fokus pada kura-kura yang salah
Kehidupan hitam penting tanpa pembalikan peran

Butuh tindakan nyata bukan tidak pepsi kokas komersial
Herbal merokok sampai saya menatap jurnal terbuka saya
Tryna mengatur tujuan saya seperti saya roll dengan ozil
Ingin mengubah dunia tetapi terlalu tua untuk churchill

Aku bersumpah, semua bobotku, kereta pikiranku akan meninggalkan bahuku ungu
Ini adalah kehidupan nyata, saya berjanji tidak ada latihan
Saya hanya mencoba menunjukkan beberapa solidaritas
Polisi dapat merica semprotan tetapi masih mereka tanpa kejelasan, dengarkan

Sejak saya masih kecil, saya tahu saya harus berbeda
Saya punya lebih dari pesta musim panas, saya punya Glastonbury Visions
Dan orang-orang saya bukan musisi tetapi mereka adalah penyanyi Valerie
Dan orang-orang saya bukan musisi tetapi mereka adalah penyanyi Valerie

Sejak saya masih kecil, saya tahu saya harus berbeda
Saya punya lebih dari pesta musim panas, saya punya Glastonbury Visions
Dan orang-orangku bukanlah musisi tetapi mereka penyanyi Valerie, yo
Terlalu banyak waktu untuk memikirkan hal-hal dan tidak cukup rute pelarian

Dan itu tidak mudah bagi otak seperti milikku
Karena kadang-kadang saya tertarik pada rasa sakit
Dan Alie Boris, aku tidak benar-benar mencoba membiarkan ini terbang
Saya kecanduan telepon saya dan itu menyedihkan saya

Itu dalam arti fisik, itu membuat saya tegang secara fisik
Dan semua tingkat stres saya tinggal di dadaku
Dan itu meniduriku sampai aku istirahat, dengarkan
Mereka akan memberi tahu saya bahwa saya yang paling nyata, tetapi mereka menggertak

Bertanya kepada saya apa yang baik dan semua yang saya ingin katakan bukan apa-apa
Hatiku sakit, aku hanya ingin mengatakan aku mencintainya
Dan jika waktu seharusnya menyembuhkan maka mengapa arloji itu terlihat seperti Anda stunting?
Semua ini memandang diri saya telah membuat saya menggangguku

Aku benar-benar harus pergi dan memberi tahu ayahku bahwa aku mencintainya
Orang saya baru saja kehilangan miliknya dan saya dan dia adalah anak-anak yang kuat
Dan itu menghancurkan hatiku berkeping-keping hanya untuk memeluknya
Kepadanya aku bilang aku bangga padamu, dan kamu menginspirasi aku

Karena hal-hal yang terkecil, mereka tampak lelah
Ketika saya berpikir bahwa itu membuat saya berpikir seseorang membimbing saya
Lihat saya tahu itu hanya fase, tetapi fase ini membuat saya kacau
Jadi jangan katakan padaku bahwa itu semua ada di kepalaku

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Lyrics Songer – The Sunrise Session

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